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Mon 28 Jul

Jul 28 Obama and his Administration (columbia)

Jul 28 fool let's talk about the uniform crime report (baiting that troll out lol)

Jul 28 Lies being exposed daily (HIV Stats) pic

Jul 28 Mojo (Columbia)

Jul 28 Website dedicated to exposing negro failure in SC (charlestonthuglife) pic

Jul 28 Breaking: SWAT at Northwoods Mall, Charleston SC (More dead niggers!) pic

Jul 28 25 Deadliest Mass Shootings in U.S. History Fast Facts (Your White Brothers Leaders of the Pack) pic

Jul 28 Nigger Police Chief charged with domestic violence (Beating ass and taking names) pic

Jul 28 Bitch I'll kill you (Arm yourself white people) pic

Jul 28 Dad, daughter arrested after attacking relatives, shots fired (Coon Culture) pic

Jul 28 Punk ass white cop pushes a paraplegic out of his chair (White Unity you say, yeah right) pic

Jul 28 Black woman arrested in connection with gang-related homicide in CA (Rollin 90's an shit) pic

Jul 28 "I beat the ---- out of her" (I wasn't on Meds an shit) pic

Jul 28 Teacher, scout leader faces judge on sex charges against preteens (Can't leave the little boys alone) pic

Jul 28 Police Chief Sentenced to 2 Years (Niggery at its best) pic

Jul 28 I bees stealing peoples money an shit (Cuz it's the white thing to do) pic

Jul 28 2 negro women arrested in death of LAKE CITY man (1 more dead negro) pic

Jul 28 My son was a good boy, I killed his ass (Guess the race in CHARLESTON, S.C) pic

Jul 28 Ask MoJo: pic

Jul 28 Orangeburg club owner arrested for murder (more dead negros in ORANGEBURG, S.C.) pic

Sun 27 Jul

Jul 27 cheers to weekend posters (sumter sc)

Jul 27 Re:SC Vocational Rehabilitation (Cola)

Jul 27 Thank You SC Vocational Rehabilitation (Prosperity)

Jul 27 If Orange is the new Black, Blacks is the new Pink pic

Jul 27 Good Morning Columbia (Atlanta)


Sat 26 Jul

Jul 26 RE Coom Stabs Boyfriend to Death After Argument pic

Jul 26 Coon Stabs Boyfriend to Death After Argument (Summer Shennanigans) pic

Jul 26 RE: Craigslist RV Scammers

Jul 26 RE: Ask A White Guy (SC)

Fri 25 Jul

Jul 25 Craigslist RV scammers

Jul 25 My Man MoJo (Atlanta)

Jul 25 negro Doctor sentenced to 20 years for drug crimes (COLUMBIA, S.C) pic

Jul 25 negro Charleston officer arrested (I bees the PoPo an shit) pic

Jul 25 100 grams coke, 80 grams pot and $3400 and assault rifle (Guess the race in Charleston SC) pic

Jul 25 Only 8 years in Orangeburg negros murder (black life aint worth much) pic

Jul 25 Home invasion negros leads to chase and shootout ( RIDGEVILLE, S.C.) pic

Jul 25 Verizon SUCKS (USA)

Thu 24 Jul

Jul 24 Andrea gotta be the sexy single momma in SC pic

Jul 24 negro man molested white child (Brakes beat off his black ass) pic

Jul 24 Them pissey ass charges (Delusional) pic

Jul 24 Escaped Inmate in Upstate Caught (Can't do that time smh) pic

Wed 23 Jul

Jul 23 Murder suspect taken into custody in Newberry (He didnt do nuffins) pic

Jul 23 SLED shoots negro DEAD! (Good job) pic

Jul 23 I only robbed 5 restaurants (Guess the race in CAYCE, SC ) pic

Jul 23 negro sought in Huger Street stabbing ( CHARLESTON, S.C.) pic

Jul 23 Coon charged in wife's disappearance (Business as usual) pic

Jul 23 Nasty welfare whore has children living in filth (shook the roaches off his uniform) pic

Jul 23 Children found with coons passed out from using heroin (Just being nigger an shit) pic

Jul 23 Coon killed grandmother, drove body around (The madness continues) pic

Jul 23 Former Chick-fil-A Employee Accused of Robbing KFC (Crazy Ass Coon) pic

Jul 23 Man Gets Life for 5 Points Bar Stabbing (Hey Bo I'm gonna be bubba's Ho) pic

Jul 23 Coon leaves infant in make shift oven to roast (I forgot an shit) pic

Jul 23 He was only 4 when we beat him to death (Guess the race in Columbia SC) pic

Jul 23 Negro claims girlfriend fell on the knife (another one dead in BERKELEY COUNTY, SC ) pic

Tue 22 Jul

Jul 22 Re: 25 Deadliest Mass Shootings (Columbia R&R)

Jul 22 Apparently Retards Have Too Much Time To Rant (SC)

Jul 22 Adult novelty products independent consultant

Jul 22 Burning, Poisoning, Rapeing, Mutilating children (Guess the race in SENECA, S.C) pic

Mon 21 Jul

Jul 21 He took my mommy (Charleston SC) pic

Jul 21 White Firefighters refused to help dying negro (Somebody White please help me) pic

Jul 21 Man's throat cut while giving negro a ride (Easly SC) pic

Jul 21 Black culture ( South Carolina) pic

23 Jul 21 Something good 23 (Sumter)

Jul 21 RE: The most dead in SC (the lies continue)

Sun 20 Jul

Jul 20 One more negro Dead After Night Club Shooting (more black bodies hit the floor) pic

Jul 20 The most dead in SC (The real leaders of the dead!) pic

47 Jul 20 RE:DISAGREEMENTS!!! 47 (MY HOUSE) pic

Jul 20 Why flag the truth? (realville)

Jul 20 I beat his 103yr old White ass (Older Whites under attack in Greenwood ) pic

Jul 20 2 negros shot, 1 killed at block party in Newberry (more dead niggas!) pic

Jul 20 I found that one race........... (Just the facts) pic

45 Jul 20 Shipleys homes 45

Sat 19 Jul

Jul 19 Right after the stop the violence march (Another negro woman shot an killed!) pic

Jul 19 30 shootings and ten murders in Charleston so far (Guess the race an shit!) pic

Jul 19 Koi fish pond done wrong

Jul 19 Rock of Ages (ETV)

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