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re Busted his little 3yr old head open pic

Arrested For Rape Of Store Clerk During Armed Robbery (No race comes close an shit) pic

Bodies Found After Ga. Couple Lured by Craigslist Contact (They find) pic

Busted his little 3yr old head open (Goes all negro in GREENVILLE, SC) pic

negro teacher had sex with child at church (Nasty Mother fuckers) pic

A Totally Different Rant

Family of 5 Charged with Killing Man (You mad bo!) pic

27 blonde

The real crime the white man won't take credit for (All else is just distractions) pic

Law abiding savage breaks the cop's nose (The white thing to do) pic

Child sex ring monsters ("Makes me sick to my stomach ") pic

39 I hate crabs in a bucket! (DL faggots) 39 (spartanburg) pic

39 RE: From the NEW NORM DL is the REAL - 30 39 (Spartanburg) pic

negro children sets Walmart on fire (we bees starting early) pic

Less likely to be gay (Guess the race) pic

7 counts of attempted murder (Dawshon cant breath an shit) pic

re Know wut om sayin (just die)

The hamburglar robs 3 competitors at drive thrus (His white role model) pic

Obama bring in 75,000 Muslims to USA (USA)

High students charged in Murrells Inlet bank robbery (Perfect scores on their tests) pic

Meth on the Move (Hazmat on the way) pic

Federal crackdown on meth nets half a "hunnit" (57 savages sentenced) pic

"What the hell happend" (Little white lies) pic

Savage impersonating a police officer (Got all the damn sense) pic

RE: how to act black

27 blonde

27 blonde

I have never met a White person that said........... (World Wide) pic

Charged with Firing Shots at Deputy (Attempted murder of a deputy) pic

A black man planted a meth lab in PC shop for a setup (Got 5 hard working whites arrested) pic

How to act black pic

31 31 year old bored as hell bartender 31

4 negros charged in West Ashley shooting (shot niggas marathon) pic

Man Sexually Assaulted Young Girls (I got a big dick an shit though) pic

I killed my mother over a lie (Do the "white" thing) pic

Wanted in double homicide (White power in Richland SC) pic

Laurens Co. Arrests Two On Multiple Drug Charges (Chemistry competition applicants) pic

74-year-old man died from starvation, neglect (full of trash, animal and human waste) pic

Toddler expected to die after man allegedly jumps on him repeatedly (WWE prospect) pic

Explosive Found Inside Car At Greer Gas Station (Too much time in mom's basement) pic

Suspect Charged After Woman Falls Off Hood of Car, Dies (Reckless Homicide) pic

Cocaine hidden in a container of baby wipes (Woman passed out, baby in car seat cryin) pic

Homicide Investigation Underway In Oconee Co (Three arrested) pic

Throw baby from the bridge (Same ol shit) pic

school worker exposed himself to girl at school (Come pet my snake little girl) pic

Man Charged with Attempted Murder Over Stolen Cell Phone (Niggery in Pickens County) pic

Teen Stabs Classmate Over Snapchat Message (Happy Robert E Lee day an shit) pic

negro stabbs his brother to death (Coonlumbia SC) pic

Black lives matter (But not to blacks) pic

Nigga robs his own church (how low can they go in Dorchester SC) pic

Wilson NC negro charged for babys murder (Savage) pic

negro gouged the eyes out of 2yr old baby (God damn!) pic

Can you see the difference (the color of shit) pic

What kids need to know to fight off negros (Self-defense expert explains) pic

black superiority (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA) pic

Most infected ever with AIDS, EBOLA (Gods curse on the negro) pic

Proud White Race (No other comes close) pic

Black culture an shit reloaded (The truth) pic

She was only 11 when I fucked her (Jaboonery in Coonlumbia) pic

Teacher charged with sexual battery with a student (On the road to higher education an shit) pic

37-year-old sexually assaulted 14-year-old girl (Table 43 pack leaders) pic

Business owner charged with making meth in attic (Successful white business an shit) pic

I bees burning shit down (Argument leads to arson) pic

Why other countries can't stay out of Africa (natural resources) pic

Black Culture an shit. (Da Truff) pic


66 Midlands Orthopedics 66 (cola, Irmo)

Indoor Off-Road Racing Jan 30 & 31 (Bush River Raceway) pic

Crazy Driver (columbia sc)

Worlds shortest books pic



one time offer! (ccolumbia)

What kind of excuse can I give for failed drug test (all over)

33 Nigger Haters Obama Poor People Check this The First Black President.. 33 (USA) pic

Bass Reeves (What the hell happend?) pic

letting it out

Finding REAL WOMEN... (CL, personals) pic

Hero black cop suspended for doing his job (Columbia SC) pic

White Preacher admits to having AIDS (gives it to his members) pic

Negro murderers wanted in LONGS, SC (Arm yourselfs) pic

nigga woman sets her baby on fire! (Mother fuckin savages) pic

negro teen dead, another arrested. (More dead niggas in Charleston SC) pic

another nigga shot! (Im loving it!) pic

Society Hill negro charged with child sex crimes (How Low?) pic

Yet another dead nigga (I cant keep up with all the dead sambos) pic

"It's MLK Day Nigga"

55 Moonshiners Bar and Grill 55 (Lexington)

BLACK LIFE MATTER !!!!! ....... not really pic

In observance of the national holiday (MoJo will be off) pic

41 wanting a new warm treat? 41

You don't like SC????

An Open Letter!


Oscars, Its a White thang (Nominees= All White) pic

Kershaw County negro drug dealer (sentenced to 9 years "BYE") pic

negro brothers tried to kill man (attempted murder in Orangeburg SC) pic

1 negro shot during robbery (negro of the day shot in SC) pic

4 negros arrested, Home invasion (Arm yourselfs, Protect your family) pic

Investigation of negros leads to (drugs,cash and guns in SUMTER, SC) pic

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