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Oct 1 EBOLA ***WARNING*** (negros bring the virus to USA) pic

125 Oct 1 Does your INK Stink? 125 (North Charleston) pic

Oct 1 Negro sold 350 bogus concealed weapons permits (Coonlumbia Hahahahahahahahaha) pic

Oct 1 nigga kilt over text messages (Jungle Justice in ORANGEBURG, SC) pic

Oct 1 6 negros arrested in deadly shooting ( negro senior missing in BISHOPVILLE SC) pic

Oct 1 Cop Pawned His Service Gun (Times is hard an shit) pic

Oct 1 Boy Made 'Killing List" of Students (Facing the facts) pic

Oct 1 They caught that damn nigger suspect (Typical basshead) pic

Oct 1 Janitor Gets 9 Years for Taping Women in Shower (Can't compete against that BBC) pic

Oct 1 Mom Accused of Biting Baby, Causing Severe Injuries (Mental Health card an shit) pic

Oct 1 Black woman sets her home on fire (Jigaboo bond fire) pic

Oct 1 Man arrested for firing shots at Columbia apartments (Coonlumbia) pic

Oct 1 Manhunt still active for cop killer (Business as usual) pic

Sep 30 Stop being a pussy, be a racist all day everyday (Man up) pic

Sep 30 mojo is tha man (coonLumbia to tha coonapital)

Sep 30 making this easy

Sep 30 DSS Certified childcare Opened Monday - Saturday (Irmo, Lake Murray Blvd, St.Andrews Road) pic

Sep 30 Argument over some meth merchandise leads to murder (Another mental health card) pic

Sep 30 Levar Jones facing 20 years for assaulting an officer (Let me see your license an shit) pic

Sep 30 Officer settles for 1.5 million in brutal assault (Niggers always fighting the po po) pic

Sep 30 Upstanding white citizen rapes dog (cries and yelps from Coco) pic

Sep 30 Police look for nigger robbery suspect (Business as usual) pic

Sep 30 One less redneck to harass minorities (Suicidal and not afraid to shoot police) pic

Sep 30 I gave it all (columbia sc)

Sep 30 Negro arrested after knowingly spreading HIV (Spreading the Black death in Sumter SC) pic

Sep 30 Black Wall Street, money circulates 36 to 100 times (Lazy negros an shit) pic

Sep 30 MoJo the Macaw (Same ol' song an shit) pic

Sep 30 Not just the White women but the right women ( The 10 most powerful women in business ) pic

Sep 30 6 negros shot, Only 1 dead (Business as usual in WALTERBORO, S.C) pic

Sep 30 Meth Madness leads to armed robbery (Business as usual) pic

Sep 30 re:MoJo the Macaw

Sep 29 RE:Racist Boy Dies And Sees Black Jesus (Only in your dreams!) pic

Sep 29 2nd nigger charged in taxi driver's murder (CHARLESTON, SC ) pic

Sep 29 Police shoot another negro (Business as usual in LEXINGTON SC) pic

Sep 29 Rock Hill negro charged with only 13 crimes (Rock Hill SC) pic

Sep 29 Richland County Top Wanted Dead Beat Dads (Guess the race) pic

Sep 29 3 negros shot at Lancaster Waffle House (Negros of the day shot an shit) pic

Sep 29 Summerville High officer was licensed foster parent before child porn (Hopefully justice will be served) pic

Sep 29 SC Highway patrolman promoted for shooting a nigger (The good ol boy system at work) pic

Sep 29 7 people killed because they axed for a dollar (Always the future noble prize winners) pic

Sep 29 Hazing Not Factor In Black Clemson Student's Death (Gang Related) pic

Sep 29 I'm crazy an shit but I wanted a fresh start (Always the mental health card) pic

Sep 29 Michael Brown Memorial Burns Down in Ferguson (Fuck Him) pic

Sep 29 negros open fire on children (ANDERSON, SC) pic

Sep 29 University students robbed at gunpoint by 3 niggers (Coonlumbia SC) pic

125 Sep 29 Does Your INK Stink? 125 (North Charleston) pic

Sep 28 re: Racist Boy Dies And Sees Black Jesus In Near Death Experience

18 Sep 28 Fun 18 (Batesburg)

Sep 28 Why are Blacks still in SC? pic

Sep 27 Looking for information about a missing man

Sep 27 Racist Boy Dies And Sees Black Jesus In Near Death Experience (Asks KKK Leader Why God Is A 'N-Word' ) pic

4674 Sep 27 re:MoJo the Macaw (Same ol' song an shit) 4674

40 Sep 26 ???? 40 (broad river)

Sep 26 Teacher's son says boyfriend 'hurt mommy in the face' (Guess the race)

Sep 26 She was only 4 but I fucked her anyway (nasty niggers) pic

Sep 26 Why haven't any negros won a real Nobel Prize? (too stupid) pic

Sep 26 CDC Says Ebola Vaccine Only Works on White People (Thank you lord) pic

125 Sep 25 REGRETS LASER is BACK! 125 (North Charleston) pic

Sep 25 EBOLA (Black Death for Black People) pic

Sep 25 Common Denominator (Shot, Stabbed, Dead or Wanted) pic

Sep 25 He was only 4 when we beat him to death

Sep 24 Another stop the violence march (Guess the race in SUMTER, SC ) pic

Sep 24 Calvin Ventilates Marquies an shit ( LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC)

Sep 24 re question 21

21 Sep 23 Question 21

Sep 23 Police shoot another negro ( Business as usual in LEXINGTON SC) pic

Sep 23 Dear human race

28 Sep 22 SC Pride Drag Controversy 28 (Columbia)

Sep 22 Shot 3 times, left to die (Guess the race in AWENDAW, S.C.) pic

Sep 22 Mother chopped to fucking pieces with a axe (Guess the race in CONWAY, S.C) pic

Sep 22 11 negro students arrested (Goes all negro at Richland High School ) pic

Sep 22 Give him the worst punishment ( CHARLESTON SC) pic

Sep 22 Shot over 27 cents ( Nignorance in ORANGEBURG, S.C) pic

28 Sep 22 Ungrateful parents 28 (Everywhere)

Sep 22 Minimum wage

Sep 21 Our Pet Blojo Exposed again (07/18/2011 Really) pic

Sep 21 I could use some help (Columbia)

Sep 21 Woman beaten and left for dead ( Coonlumbia SC) pic

Sep 21 Where's my remote bitch (Niggery at its best) pic

Sep 21 Support Hero Officer Jeremy Dear (Go fund me) pic

Sep 21 A Real American Hero (Protect and Serve) pic

Sep 21 Ice Bucket Challenge (Distractions for the masses) pic

Sep 21 Woman accused of molesting young child during church services (Come here suga and pray with me) pic

Sep 21 3 injured, 1 negro shot to death (MECHANICSVILLE, S.C) pic

Sep 21 He only had 7 bench warrants (Guess the race in St. Matthews SC) pic

Sep 21 Armed robbery suspects looking for "White People" (USC, Columbia SC) pic

Sep 21 SC-nigga bank robber disguises as white man (You just can't make this shit up) pic

40 Sep 20 The Renaming Of I-26 Harbison Blvd Exit 40 (Columbia & Surroundings) pic

Sep 19 ROTFL WTF is this???

Sep 19 Sheheen Has nothing good to say please read (SC)

Sep 18 Blacks and guns... (denmark sc)

Sep 18 Lexicon Vet Recruitment Questionable

Sep 18 Help! I am a cat and can't drive to the store for booze. MyDLsuspended (My House, For Now) pic

Sep 18 truth

100 Sep 17 RE: Where is the rage?? 100 (columbia sc)

Sep 17 Bad News For All You Fast Food Employees (Nationwide)

Sep 17 Where is the black rage? Oh how soon we forget pic

Sep 17 MOJO) They can take our lives, but they will never take our freedom (THANK GOD!)

Sep 16 Negro says he'll be 'shooting it out' with cops (Dead man walking in Orangeburg SC) pic

18 Sep 16 M4w 18 (Batesburg) pic

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