Hermit Crab and Tarantula Rescue (Columbia SC and nearby)

Please read below information, if you have any questions, feel free to email us! All surrenders stay as permanent residents to provide a more stable life.

Hermit crab rescue taking in all unwanted hermit crabs and TARANTULAS! We have several years of experience caring for and raising tarantulas, and realize that rehoming them can be hard sometimes, so we added them as a rescue species we now take in! As with hermit crabs, ALL SURRENDERS STAY IN THE RESCUE TO GIVE THEM A STABLE HOME LIFE, meaning we do not offer any for adoption.

We have a large crabitat that can handle many more crabs. The crabitat is set up for ALL species, ie. strawberries, blueberries, purple pincher, cavies, etc, they are a very social creature, the more the merrier for companions!

My rescue will take any hermit crab, even the very large ones. Also taking in any unwanted reptile supplies to use for the hermit crabs such as heat mats, and things to climb on.

If you have questions about tarantula care or hermit crab care, will be happy to try and help/answer questions. Have a question about our rescue, ask us.

Availability for rescue is on a case by case basis. We are located close to Columbia,SC so locations further out may require you to drive to Columbia to give your hermit crab to us for surrender, but as aforementioned, it is on a case by case basis.

We are also now taking tarantulas! Please make sure tarantula surrenders are transported in a suitable container, ie. NO CARDBOARD BOXES! If you have a question about the container you are using, feel free to email us.
Please send a message if you think something could be worded differently in our ad, or you have a question about how we work, etc. Having to repost and remake the ad for the rescue can be frustrating to our volunteers, so please just ask us about what you don't like or may have questions on.

Thank you
Crabitat Rescue

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