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Please read if you're trying to give away a dog or cat for free ((Columbia, Lexington))

I know you're probably an animal lover, and you're trying to do the right thing by finding a new home for the stray that wandered up, or the pet you can no longer afford to keep. That's cool...thank you for trying to find a loving home for these guys. But PLEASE be aware...there's a really good chance that anyone looking for a free animal on Craigslist has something else in mind. Please check any potential new home out thoroughly....ask questions, and don't be afraid to pass if something doesn't feel right. If they're legit and just looking for a pet to love, they'll appreciate that you cared enough to make sure the animal was heading to a good home. There are a number of great rescue organizations in the area that can help if you need to rehome an animal. Please reach out to them.

I recently had a stray cat that moved into my home, uninvited. Sweet, smart, and a beautiful cat...but I couldn't keep her because of my dog. When all other homing efforts failed, I tried placing a Craigslist ad. I was shocked and horrified at the calls I received. It was very clear that three of the four calls I received were not interested in her for the normal reasons.

Animal hoarding, dog fighting bait, and torture are no better outcomes than being turned over to any of the local animal rescue organizations or shelters. At least they'll have a chance at adoption there. curious, ask good questions, and remember that we're the only ones who can look out for these guys.

Thank you for reading!
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