SC not a Tree State Anymore

Decades ago you could drive down I-26 and in the center was a wide divide with beautiful old oaks. They removed them and updated the interstate by bringing the interstate close together. Now in the last year, they have removed all the trees on both sides of the interstate. Why would they do this? If a car leaves the road and hits a tree, the tree will kill you. One of the things I also don't understand is you have high sections and low sections, you would think they would grade it out and make it more level? Can you imagine what it cost to remove those trees and the stumps, and what it is going to cost to continue to cut and maintain those areas? I would have put a guard rail all along the side of the interstate and kept the trees. The South Eastern part of the United States is a Semi Tropical (Forrest). Tree's thrive here. We need trees, trees provide shade that helps (cool) the Earth, they filter the air, they take in carbon dioxide and make oxygen. They are beautiful, green and tall. Also, all new construction that is being built in both residential and commercial properties is removing all the trees and is being built so compact that they are not leaving any room to plant any dominant trees. What is driving this is GREED. Still, builders have to submit their plans to the city or the county and have them approved, so the problem is with the local government. I cringe at all the new neighborhoods and retail. People talk and talk and make all these videos alerting the world of the removal of the Amazon rain forest and the effect this is having on the climate. Well, we are hypocrites, we are doing the same thing right here. This is a problem I have with the government, they love growth, they want more people, more houses, roads, schools, more businesses. I don't agree, we have enough people. I vote for less government. It would be nice if the people voted and made the decisions instead of allowing politicians to make our decisions. Majority rule.

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